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Get ready for your students to be inspired! The brave heroes, dedicated leaders, and history makers found in this book knew what it was like to overcome tremendous odds—and succeed! Their story—though the circumstances may be different and the era they lived in unfamiliar—can be your students’ story, too. Just share America’s Black Founders with your class and encourage them to follow their example of integrity, accomplishment, sense of self-worth, and compassion for others. Today’s youth can make a difference in our world, just like America’s Black Founders did in theirs.

* Author Visits
To schedule an in-person or virtual Skype author visit to your classroom, contact Nancy I. Sanders at jeffandnancys@gmail.com for her fees and arrangements.

* Virtual Book Tour
Invite your students to follow along with the author as she launches this book on its way to success through cyberspace.

* Teacher’s Guide
Reproducible worksheets and fun activities are available on this free, downloadable pdf file.
Download each page and print them out for use in your classroom.

Teacher’s Guide Cover

Page 1 Discussion

Page 2 Graphic Organizer

Page 3 Biographies

Page 4 Letter

Page 5 Historic Marker

Page 6 Historian

Page 7 Biographies

Page 8 Vocabulary

Page 9 Venn Diagram