America’s Black Founders is filled with photographs and drawings, portraits and illustrations of many black people who helped pour the foundation of America, as well as reproductions of documents and scores of other pictures, modern and historic. It is a rich, photographic treasury of our past.
-Miss Bob Etier at Blogcritics: Read the full review at Blogcritics.

Chicago Tribune
Targets kids in fourth grade and up, but it’s an eye-opening read for adults too. It tells the stories of Alice and other black pioneers whose contributions have largely been overlooked.
-William Hageman, Tribune Newspapers

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The Reading Tub
This is an excellent resource that is beautifully designed with lots of illustrations, documents, and maps.
-Bob Walch Read the full review at The Reading Tub.

OC Register
About black men and women who stood out in the arts and the military, and in science, education and religion. They were ministers, poets, merchants, teachers, doctors, soldiers, sailors and more.
-Theresa Walker, OC Register
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Except for the stories of a few legendary figures, the essential role of blacks in America’s early history has been largely underrepresented in standard accounts. This lively, illustrated volume fills in that gap. The browsable format includes archival prints and documents, screened biographies, and well-chosen quotes. The double standard about the meaning of “freedom” is a dominant theme in the accessible narrative, which points out that the debates about the rights of man were carried out by people who held slaves. Never simplistic, Sanders’ text includes complicated views, such as that of African Americans Richard Allen and James Forten, who opposed the back-to-Africa movement because freed blacks in the U.S. were the strongest fighters for the abolition of slavery. The activities that accompany each chapter are pretty routine, with suggestions to students to pen a patriotic poem, weave a basket, or draw a political cartoon. It is the biographies, including a chapter on the Founding Mothers, that will inspire readers. The appended bibliography of books and Web sites will aid researchers. Grades 6-10. –Hazel Rochman

SANDERS, Nancy I. America’s Black Founders: Revolutionary Heroes and Early Leaders with 21 Activities. 144p. illus. photos. reprods. bibliog. further reading. Web sites. Chicago Review. Jan. 2010. Tr $16.95.
ISBN 978-1-55652-811-8.

Gr 5-8–This activity-based guide reveals how African Americans played crucial roles in helping the United States gain its independence. Sanders includes well-known figures such as Phillis Wheatley, Crispus Attucks, and James Forten in her narrative, but also enriches traditional accounts of the period by explaining the contributions of lesser-known patriots. For example, she talks about black troops who fought at Bunker Hill and Valley Forge. She also tells the story of James Armistead Lafayette, a black soldier who spied on Benedict Arnold and Lord Cornwallis. Most of the activities help make this period real to young people. The “Explore Your Family Tree” project gives print and online resources that can help readers discover the roles their own ancestors may have played in the American Revolution. This book also includes information about how African Americans created social and political networks to support one another during the earliest days of the Republic. Sanders makes excellent use of primary sources, providing the original texts of documents and petitions that demanded equal rights and the abolition of the trans-Atlantic slave trade. She then explains these documents in language contemporary children will understand. A solid resource for teachers and librarians who wish to engage children in this formative period of American history.
–Mary Landrum, Lexington Public Library, KY

Names like Absalom Jones, Jarena Lee, Charlotte Vandine Forten and Peter Salem may not be recognizable before you read this book, but afterwards you’ll be very aware of the contributions they made during America’s early years.
-BookLoons Reviews


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